Slide Mathias Waske MARCH 27, 1944 - January 16, 2017
Masterworks One of the greatest representatives of modern realism accompanied by a critical view on reality


About Mathias Waske

The only reason for me as a painter is to create my own world with art – from the living love of life!

Mathias Waske established himself as a contemporary  artist primarily through his original works, humorous ideas and his love  of detail, making him one of the most important and recognized  representatives of modern realism.

Countless exhibitions by the popular artist, as well as a large number  of international art prizes, honored Waske’s life’s work. His bizarre  paintings often reveal an ironic perspective of the painter and can be  understood as a parody of everyday things in life.

This art, which does not take itself too seriously, which is able to accept  both our positive and negative sides with a wink and a smile, hits  exactly the spirit of our time.

The great success of Mathias Waske is due not least to the fact that the  artist’s pictures, with their tightrope walk between fantasy and reality,  invite you to explore and define these, often floating, boundaries.

He was married to Tina Waske von Reppert and died on January 16,  2017 in Munich.


Featured Work

Medusa: whoever looked into her face was petrified on the spot. After  unbelievable sacrilege she was beheaded by Perseus. From then on  Athena carried Medusa’s head like a weapon in her shield like Waske  modeled it on the ancient statue of Athena by Phidias.

Laokoon (bottom right): “Laokoon I” (1989) “is a real Munich work …”, Waske said at the time,  shortly before an exhibition at Haus der Kunst. But the Munich jury was  against the “fight for the Weißwurst”, which later received the 1st prize  from the Royal Hubertus Club in Belgium.

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