Japanese Collector

The Japanese Collector

Acrylic on wood
108 x 87 cm
Private collection

The work comes from a series of works that refers to the sociology of art collectors. The collector is sitting on a golden armchair with his legs crossed against the background of a van Gogh self-portrait. His smile betrays the joy, pride and satisfaction of acquiring art. We find further allusions to van Gogh in the sunflowers stuck in the meticulously painted vase, whose fallen leaves on the floor, however, symbolise transience. The cut-off ear preserved in the glass on the tray of the Geisha coiffed with brushes refers both to van Gogh’s personal history and to the background work. Van Gogh is literally celebrated. Even the smoking of the pipe is repeated by the collector.

January 2 @ 13:00
13:00 — 14:25 (1h 25′)

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